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Build and run a profitable marketing consulting practice.

Mindshare is where marketing consultants, strategists, and fractional CMOs learn to package and sell their expertise—not just their hands.

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What is Mindshare?

Digital Strategy Consultant - Kevin C. WhelanMindshare is a professional development community with coaching and resources for marketing strategists, consultants, and fractional CMOs.

My mission is to help you package and sell your expertise—not just execution—and to turn your ideas into leveraged products and services like advisory retainers, mentorship programs, memberships, subscriptions, group coaching, info products, workshops, training, and more.

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Why should you join?

While not every member will end with the same outcomes, below are typical benefits you can expect over time.

👉 Increase your take-home income with a more profitable business model.

👉 Deliver streamlined client experiences that create confidence and results.

👉 Become the acknowledged expert in your niche or area of focus.

👉 Speak on podcasts, conferences, and deliver webinars for new audiences.

👉 Productize your consulting services to create greater profit and efficiency.

👉 Turn your knowledge into digital products, memberships, training, & more.

What you get

As a member, you’ll get the resources and the social support you need for successfully transforming your independent practice, including:

✔️ Community Access
Mindshare brings together marketing strategists, advisors, and fractional CMOs in an environment designed to foster conversations and mutual support.

✔️ Mindshare Radio
Get access to a private podcast with quick audio lessons designed to help you improve your work and build a more profitable marketing consulting practice.

✔️ Consulting Workflow & TemplatesMindshare Pro
Get access to an entire operating system for your consulting business, including the tools, templates, systems, and processes I use for my own work.

✔️ Methodology Template & TrainingMindshare Pro
Copy or borrow inspiration from the Mindshare Marketing Methodology (a Trello board you can copy) as the basis for what will become your own proprietary methodology.

✔️ Monthly Q&A CallsMindshare Pro
Twice a month, we’ll meet over Zoom where you can ask any questions you have about building, running, or scaling a profitable advisory business.

✔️ Monthly Mastermind MeetupsMindshare Pro
Each month, members meet live over Zoom for a morning coffee where we talk shop and share ideas in a mastermind-like setting.

What are the big ideas

The Mindshare Methodology consists of the following 5 pillars, which serve as the basis for most of the content and discussions inside.

1. Niche down and specialize
Choose a specific niche and hone your positioning as the foundation for everything else you do.

2. Establish your credibility
Become the sought-after expert in your area of focus and position yourself in a way that there is no direct competition.

3. Develop your Methodology
Codify your expertise by creating a unique “Methodology” used in your consulting work and turn it into leveraged products and services.

4. Create leverage and scale
Increase your earnings without working more hours by creating leveraged offers like productized advisory retainers, group programs, memberships, info products, and more.

5. Build a marketing flywheel
Generate leads and opportunities with a simple yet cohesive content-driven marketing system that builds on itself and broadens your competitive moat.

No risk, 100% money-back guarantee

If you’re not getting clear value, I don’t want your money. Notify me within the first 30 days and I’ll refund your entire membership fee in full.

I recommend joining the Community plan if you’re not sure whether Pro is for you. If you like it and want more, join Mindshare Pro.

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Mindshare Pro


  • ✅  Community Access
  • ✅  Mindshare Radio
  • ✅  Monthly Q&A Calls
  • ✅  Workflows & Templates
  • ✅  Methodology Training
  • ✅  Monthly Meetup
  • ✅  30-day money-back guarantee

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Mindshare Community

Free $99/year

  • ✅  Community Access
  • ✅  Mindshare Radio
  • ✅  Free for first 100 members

How to join:
To request access, email or click the link below and share a few words about your business and what you hope to gain from the group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a consultant to join this group?
No, but you should be looking to grow your business by scaling your marketing expertise instead of hiring more people or working more hours. You can be a freelancer, agency owner, or consultant and still find most things completely relevant.

Do I need to in marketing to join this group?
Technically, no. But this group is heavily focused on marketing and strategy. It will be up to you to contextualize everything to your own situation.

Does unlimited questions” actually mean unlimited?
Yes, I trust that for $99/month you won’t ask 1,000 questions a month. If you feel like you have a lot more questions than can be answered in this setting, consider one of my private coaching packages.

What Methodology templates are included currently?
The list of what you get currently includes:

  1. Advisory Proposal Template (Google Docs)
  2. 114-Question Client Discovery Questionnaire (Google Docs)
  3. Onboarding Process + Kick-Off Email (Google Docs)
  4. Client Organization Workflow + Templates (Google Drive/Docs)
  5. Client KPI Dashboard (Google Sheets)
  6. Consulting Revenue Tracker (Google Sheets)
  7. Marketing Playbook Template with 120+ action items (Trello Board)
  8. Client Operating System Template (Trello Board)
  9. Swipe File Sample Template (Airtable)
  10. Research Template (Airtable)
  11. More templates and content not included in this list

Can I download all the resources and leave after a month?
Sure, that’s totally up to you. The ongoing Pro membership is designed to give you help to implement and build your own Methdology, as well as get coaching on any challenges you’re facing in your business. You’re free to upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.

Can I use your templates and Methodology in my own business?
You bet! You can use it right out of the box. But I recommend tweaking it to make it fit your own needs. Reselling it as your own is not allowed, however.

Member Testimonials

michelle testimonial

“I’ve been working with Kevin Whelan for the past three months. Great insight, advice, and ROI. He’s helping me do things I could never have done by myself.”

—Mark Evans


Within a relatively short period of time, Kevin legitimately transformed my consulting business. I was struggling with a lack of focus, my website didn’t speak to my target audience and my branding was misaligned. Considering my job is to help other companies find their way out of similar messes, it’s hard to believe my own business was in such bad shape. Kevin helped narrow my target market, write better copy and establish the tools and resources I needed to operate efficiently. Then he helped me design the engagement processes for my clients, providing me with a scalable and proven system I can use over and over again.” —Doug Jones


Mindshare is a goldmine of digestible nuggets of real-world insight from somebody who’s earned his stripes in the marketing world.

Most importantly, I’ve made new business connections through the Mindshare community and have been able to ask, and get direct, tailored responses, to questions and challenges I deal with in the day-to-day operation of my business.

I couldn’t recommend this enough as a professional investment.

—Taylor M., Copywriter


I started speaking to Kevin approximately 2 months ago, and in those 2 months, I’ve learnt more about marketing than I did at 4 years of college and one year in an agency. I cannot recommend enough this service. Kevin’s analytical thinking and skin in the game from having done it before are a welcome introduction to anyone looking to break into marketing. He knows what works, what doesn’t, and there’s always a why behind advice or thoughts.

—David J., Agency Employee & Aspiring Consultant


Through your Mindshare subscription, you’ve opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities that have already helped me identify an area of expertise to package and sell to clients. I look forward to each new installment.

—Barb H., Consultant


As an agency owner, I struggle with separating strategy and execution along with being another “me too” agency.

Thanks to Kevin’s invaluable insights, I’ve been able to start that separation of strategy and execution. as a result it has helped build stronger trust between my clients and I, structure more profitable engagements and scale my agency faster.

Between the deeply insightful knowledge and active community of peers, Kevin’s group has been an excellent investment. I highly recommend signing up and taking advantage of it.

—Jordan C., Agency Owner


Mindshare has already done so much for in the little time that I have joined in regards to getting me to think about my business differently in order for me to grow my revenue.

Kevin’s content is very relevant in helping me grow my business while keeping true to being a one-woman show. He is highly attentive (gets back to me within the same day with a podcast), highly transparent with his advice and business, and highly knowledgable in all areas of marketing. If you’re a marketing consultant I highly suggest working with Kevin and joining one of is his mentorship programs.

—Michelle R., Brand Strategist

You’re going places,
I can tell already.

Join the only place where marketing consultants congregate to share what works and level up their businesses.

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