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Build a business around your expertise.

Mindshare is a private learning community helping independent marketing professionals package and sell their expertise—not just their hands.

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Do you want to separate strategy from execution?

Selling done-for-you marketing services is a right of passage.

But if you're good at what you do, you'll eventually have more work than you can handle.

And when that happens, you'll need to make a choice:

Either turn away business, start an agency, or package and sell your expertise instead of your hands.

Personally, I got tired running a web design and digital marketing agency back in 2016.

After all my expenses shook out each month, my take-home income was not commenserate with my effort.

I knew I needed to either build a proper marketing agency or scale back and do what I do best: selling strategy and overseeing implementation.

I knew I didn’t want to build an agency, so I transitioned into advisory work, group coaching, memberships, and online education.

The difference with this approach has been significant.

I feel less stress, earn more, do better work, and most importantly, I get to do what gives me energy: advising and teaching my clients.

This group is for you if you who want to to stop selling your hands and start creating leverage around your expertise instead.

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How it works

In this group, we go deep exploring the topic of selling your mind, not your hands.

I also share a behind-the-scenes look at my consulting work today, offer guidance and resources based on first-hand experience, and facilitate discussion among members of the community.

We mentor each other, give feedback, share wins, make connections, and collaborate on solutions.

I started speaking to Kevin approximately 2 months ago, and in those 2 months, I’ve learnt more about marketing than I did at 4 years of college and one year in an agency.

—David J., Agency Employee & Aspiring Consultant

My wish for you…

My goal is to help you go from being an interchangeable supplier to trusted advisor, educator, and advocate to your clients.

And you’ll do that with three parts: the Mentorship, Resources and the Community.

The Mindshare Mentorship is a private podcast with quick-win ideas and longform interviews.

It covers topics like:

  • Finding and growing into a niche to make you a “category of one”
  • Productizing your services to create repeatable results
  • Selling and delivering group coaching and membership programs
  • Selling strategic advisory services instead of implementation
  • Packaging and selling your expertise as digital products
  • Content marketing strategies that drive opportunities to you
  • Pricing your work in alignment with the value you create
  • Delivering a remarkable client experience with every engagement

I want you to begin to separate your earning from your effort.

I want you to focus on getting business results for your clients, not hours, inputs, deliverables, or tasks.

Most importantly, I want you to enjoy your work, feel less overwhelmed, earn a better living, and be more confident in what you do.

Through your Mindshare Mentorship subscription, you’ve opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities that have already helped me identify an area of expertise to package and sell to clients.

—Barb H, Consultant

What You Get

As a member, you'll get the resources and the social support you need for successfully transforming your independent practice, including:

Battle-tested resources
Get the the tools, templates, and document examples that I use in my consulting business every day, including my proposal template, onboarding questionnaire, and every CEO’s favorite, the KPI dashboard template.

Direct and practical answers
Have questions? You’ll get answers from me and from fellow Mindshare community members who speak from experience.

Members-only content
Private audio lessons (delivered via private podcast feed), quick blog posts, video tutorials—all delivered in brief, digestible pieces that are easy to consume—and even easier to act upon.

Collective wisdom and support
Get access to a private community where you’ll find guidance, friendship, and mutual support from successful marketers like you.

No-brainer pricing
For a fraction of what you pay for coffee every week—just $15/month—you get all the content and community that Mindshare has to offer.

No risk, 100% money-back guarantee

If you're not getting immense value, I don’t want your money. Sign up and get seven days to decide if you like us or not. Your card will automatically be billed unless you cancel.

Ready to jump in?

Join the only place where marketing consultants congragate to share what works and level up their businesses.

Sign up for $15/month

...or sign up for $99/year instead

Mindshare is a goldmine of digestible nuggets of real-world insight from somebody who’s earned his stripes in the marketing world.

Most importantly, I’ve made new business connections through the Mindshare community and have been able to ask, and get direct, tailored responses, to questions and challenges I deal with in the day-to-day operation of my business.

I couldn’t recommend this enough as a professional investment.

—Taylor M., Copywriter

Members-Only Audio Lessons


  • 95. Why you want to focus on systems and processes—not just tactics and strategies
  • 94. Applying the 80/20 principal to your consulting work
  • 93. Why you need to design your business for success
  • 92. How to create proposals people WANT to buy
  • 91. Why you should make your home office look like a movie set
  • 90. How to design a high-end productized service offering
  • 89. How to build a marketing platform you actually own
  • 88. How to use the sales process to create your productized services
  • 87. Why you should stick to a strict publishing schedule
  • 86. Why you should make your services about your clients—not about you


  • 85. The 8 signs it's time to fire a client
  • 84. Should you do project management for your advisory clients?
  • 83. What to do when your advisory clients can’t (or don’t) implement your advice
  • 82. Why you should price in accordance with the pain potential
  • 81. Why sharing your backstory matters
  • 80. How to make your products or service more compelling
  • 79. How to come up with interesting topics for your content marketing
  • 78. The right way to wrap up your client engagements
  • 77. The value of publishing consistently
  • 76. Own the entire problem
  • 75. How to—and why you should—tightly narrow your positioning


  • 74. How to attract more leads to your consultancy
  • 73. How to use done-with-you offerings to create efficiency and leverage around your expertise
  • 72. Should you price your consulting services on the high, middle, or low end of the spectrum?
  • 71. Selling membership, group coaching, and low-ticket 1:1 coaching
  • 70. An inside look at my business strategy, marketing strategy, and marketing plan
  • 69. Why your job is as much about de-risking as it is about growth
  • 68. Words of encouragement for you on my birthday
  • 67. Should you let prospects speak to past clients as a reference?
  • 66. Why you should publish your consulting prices on your website
  • 65. Downgrades, low-ticket advisory, and nuanced levers of value


  • 64. What is the difference between advisory and consulting services
  • 63. Why I turned down an affiliate partnership with Active Campaign
  • 62. How to create case studies that attract more business
  • 61. Jonathan Stark’s advice on selling your expertise—not your hands—for the first time
  • 60. How to salvage a case study after a client engagement—without all the data
  • 59. How to talk strategy when your clients want to talk tactics
  • 58. How to know what content to share in free vs. a paid subscription
  • 57. How to start a membership before your content is created
  • 56. How to choose the right niche and take the first steps [Coaching Call]
  • 55. Should you do hourly advisory work?
  • 54. How to handle client confidentiality
  • 53. What is the difference between group coaching and this Patreon model?
  • 52. How to create a low-tier consulting offer that works for everybody


  • 51. Why you should benchmark your KPIs at the start of each engagement
  • 50. The value of note-taking in client engagements (and how I do it)
  • 49. How to get paid in advance for your work
  • 48. The benefits of transparent pricing for your consulting services
  • 47. How to establish a budget for price-sensitive clients
  • 46. Should you decrease your price after the initial term if the bulk of the work and value is delivered?
  • 45. How to handle prospects who want to negotiate
  • 44. The two main things I look for when auditing a client website
  • 43. How to get clients from around the world by specializing
  • 42. Q&A Call Recording – September 2020
  • 41. Nine membership platform options to consider building your community on
  • 40. How to help your clients get into the membership model
  • 39. How to prove ROI with your marketing (with my KPI Spreadsheet Template)
  • 38. How to onboard clients (and why it’s so important)
  • 37. How to differentiate and create engagement for your membership program
  • 36. How I started a membership program for my consultancy
  • 35. How to know if a specific niche can sustain your business


  • 34. How do you know if your prices are too high or low?
  • 33. How to use testimonials in your marketing
  • 32. Why you need to slow your clients down
  • 31. Study a day in the life of your clients’ best customers
  • 30. Know your clients’ customers better than they do
  • 29. A dead-simple marketing strategy for a hair salon
  • 28. The #1 thing to focus on during (and after) the sales process
  • 27. How to create highly compelling productized services
  • 26. Why you shouldn’t hire me
  • 25. T-shaped expertise: why you don’t need to be an expert at everything
  • 24. Advise your clients like you would your family
  • 23. How writers fit into a greater marketing strategy
  • 22. How to handle out-of-scope implementation work
  • 21. How to sell advisory retainers
  • 20. How to choose an industry niche
  • 19. Specialization, systemization, and productization
  • 18. How to get started as an independent marketing freelancer or consultant
  • 17. Should you do outreach to get clients?
  • 16. The difference between subscription, membership, and group coaching business models
  • 15. A behind the scenes look at my revenue breakdown


  • 14. What a sushi chef taught me about premium positioning
  • 13. How it feels to buy trustworthy advice—part 3
  • 12. Two ways to transition from selling implementation to selling advice
  • 11. How it feels to buy trustworthy advice—part 2
  • 10. How to sell on value and avoid commoditization
  • 9. How it feels to buy trustworthy advice—part 1
  • 8. How to land any kind of client you want
  • 7. Why going two levels deep is the counter-intuitive secret to marketing
  • 6. An unusually effective way to proofread your writing
  • 5. How clients feel when you sell advice AND implementation
  • 4. The difference between “fiduciary” vs. “suitability” advice (and which kind clients really want)
  • 3. Minimalist mic and software setup for great audio on the road
  • 2. How to transition from selling implementation to advice
  • 1. How to get hired by strangers

More words from happy subscribers…

I started speaking to Kevin approximately 2 months ago, and in those 2 months, I’ve learnt more about marketing than I did at 4 years of college and one year in an agency. I cannot recommend enough this service. Kevin’s analytical thinking and skin in the game from having done it before are a welcome introduction to anyone looking to break into marketing. He knows what works, what doesn’t, and there’s always a why behind advice or thoughts.

—David J., Agency Employee & Aspiring Consultant


When I first approached you with what I thought was a simple inquiry, I had no idea it would lead to such thought provoking conversations. Through your Mindshare subscription, you’ve opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities that have already helped me identify an area of expertise to package and sell to clients. I look forward to each new installment.

—Barb H., Consultant


As an agency owner, I struggle with separating strategy and execution along with being another “me too” agency.

Thanks to Kevin’s invaluable insights, I’ve been able to start that separation of strategy and execution. as a result it has helped build stronger trust between my clients and I, structure more profitable engagements and scale my agency faster.

Between the deeply insightful knowledge and active community of peers, Kevin’s group has been an excellent investment. I highly recommend signing up and taking advantage of it.

—Jordan C., Agency Owner


Mindshare has already done so much for in the little time that I have joined in regards to getting me to think about my business differently in order for me to grow my revenue.

Kevin’s content is very relevant in helping me grow my business while keeping true to being a one-woman show. He is highly attentive (gets back to me within the same day with a podcast), highly transparent with his advice and business, and highly knowledgable in all areas of marketing. If you’re a marketing consultant I highly suggest working with Kevin and joining one of is his mentorship programs.

—Michelle R., Brand Strategist

You're going places,
I can tell already.

Join the only place where marketing consultants congragate to share what works and level up their businesses.

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